Gustav Dill Vodka ABV 40% 700ml

Gustav Dill Vodka ABV 40% 700ml.

Gustav Dill vodka won award for world’s best vodka & tonic and also received gold medal at the flavored vodka category

International Wine and Spirits Competition was founded in 1969. In 2017 products from almost 90 different
countries entered the competition and over 400 judges evaluate products divided in different categories.

Gustav Dill vodka is made in Kuopio, and its secret lies in aroma distillation as well as in genuine Finnish dill.

4 cl Gustav Dill vodka
12 cl tonic water (Fever-Tree)
rose pepper
fresh basil

Fill a highball glass with ice cubes, add Gustav Dill vodka and tonic water, garnish with 2-5 rose peppers and with fresh basil leaves.

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Gustav Dill Vodka represents over 160-year-old history of the craftsmanship traditions at Lignell & Piispanen. The real taste of fresh natural dill has been successfully distilled in this modern, soft balanced Finnish schnapps. Recommended to enjoy with seafood or steak tartare. Great mix with tonic water, rose pepper and fresh basil.